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Our Programs.

We strongly believe every individual can "Excel Beyond Barriers" put in front of them, either by design or unintentionally. This is why we have a variety of programmes all year round available for almost every individual, regardless of their needs, age, gender, or race.

Local Food Festival


Starting in 2020 at the start of the pandemic as an initiative to help mature people with mobility issues with their shopping. We expanded this to cater for families on low income as we strongly believe no family should go hungry.

Availability: Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays (12:00pm - 4:30pm)

Location: KETRA Community Hall SE21 8QW

Friends Having Fun


Do you have a passion for music and need advice on how to embark on this remarkable journey? Come to our music workshop to meet like-minded people, including new artists, composition classes, and melody composure with our in-house DJ.

Availability: Saturdays

Location: Online and in-person

A couple at a business meeting

Budgeting Professional

Our "Budgeting Professional" course is an education and awareness programme about money. Its goal is to help people on social housing estates and low income who don't know much about money and are therefore struggling financially.

We hold regular workshops throughout the year. They cover basic things like how to set up a bank account, credit, and savings, how to use credit cards and how to avoid their pitfalls, how to make a budget and manage money, how to apply for and manage loans, and how to deal with debt. It is facilitated by one of our partners "Legends Learning Centre"

Availability: Tuesdays and Wednesdays

Location: Online and in-person (Enquire for more information)

A business meeting


If you work for yourself, run a small business in your area, or want to start your own business. Additionally, if you need help setting up and managing business accounts or learning the basics of bookkeeping, our "Financial Centre" is just what you need. It is facilitated by one of our partners "Starlight Consultancy".

Availability: Mondays and Thursdays

Location: Online

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