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Make a difference, learn new skills, and meet lots of new people along the way.

Excel Beyond Barriers can only work thanks to the dedication and skills of our wonderful volunteers. We're currently looking for great people to help us continue to grow and make a real difference, and in return for a minimum commitment of 8 hours a month, we provide our regular volunteers with online training in safeguarding, mentoring and leadership skills, as well as the chance to virtually meet lots of new local volunteers.


If you have specialist skills you'd like to offer to us (in particular expertise in fundraising, social media, PR, and marketing), please contact us by completing our volunteer registration form; we really need your support.

Our current volunteer roles.



Over the last 18 months our wonderful volunteers have been making emergency food parcels and responding to online referrals and working with local organisations who are delivering emergency services to vulnerable people. Running the food bank is no mean feat and we couldn’t keep it open without the wonderful support from local people, volunteers and funders. As we move into a post pandemic we we still continue to support people in crisis with our healthy meal boxes and support local schools with our lunch packs.


Main tasks:

  • Food Quality checking: carry out the task you’ve been assigned by the coordinator on arrival.

  • Sorting: all food items have a home in our cupboards; everything needs to be neatly stored in the correct place ready to be picked out to go into food and lunch parcels.



We need help to develop a strategy that promotes our fundraising efforts to a wider audience. Someone who is able to contact businesses who could be potential sponsors/funders. This is a job for a volunteer who’s tenacious, connected and comfortable with reaching out to people. We’ve started a database of businesses to start with and will provide you with a draft email/letter and additional information about the charity you can send out.




Over the years the one thing we’ve seriously faulted on is updating and maintaining our social media accounts. We have the lot, even a YouTube channel! However finding the time to deliver projects and services, take pictures and videos and then create and post it all; has been challenging.


Our users also have never traditionally engaged with our activities through social media. However times have changed pretty quickly and we need to adapt too. We’re looking for volunteers who can sign up to takeover our charity social media pages for a day. Post about our activities, engage with our followers and help us to build a bigger audience.




We have a Facebook page for Mobile Food Bank. In an ideal world we would love it to become the hub for all the food bank activities. A place where people can ask queries and tell us they’re donating or would like to volunteer.


We’re looking for volunteers who can answer queries and run the page for the day. You’ll need to have a Facebook account, as you’ll be signed in as yourself. We’ll provide you with a script that will help you answer any queries and how to signpost people who need to be referred, want to donate or volunteer with us.

Volunteer with us!

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