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Come and sharpen your skills


Professional Painting: Brush up on your interior and exterior house painting skills so you can be that much closer to becoming a pro.

Age: 14+

Location: KETRA Community Hall

Time: TBC


Carpentry: Develop your carpeting skills to the next level, from reading building plans to installing cabinets and more.

Age: 14+

Location: KETRA Community Hall

Time: TBC

Sewing Classes: Regardless of your sewing skills come on down to learn and showcase your talent.

Age: 13+

Location: KETRA Community Hall

Time: Tuesdays 11:30am - 2:30pm

Hairdressing, Make-Up, Hat Making, Headtie: TBC

Most services on offer from private institutions are too expensive to access, and most public colleges ask for prerequisite qualifications before admission hence making it more difficult for certain individuals to access. hence why at EBB we make it easier for people to learn basic life skills

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